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I just finished my first six sections of the treatment, and the result is very good. I have lost 6 pounds and dropped 1.6% body fat in two weeks. Kennedy is very knowledgeable and patient; he explained everything to me including how the machines work and what to eat and what not to eat. He also customized a diet plan for me, so I can lost weight and also become healthy. Now I am doing my next six sections of the treatment, and I will continue doing this until I reach my goal. I will also tell my friends how need to lose weights to come here!! This place is highly recommended!! Five+++ Stars!!

Iris Yang

I am so glad I can resume my body treatments and that I can do it in a safe environment. Despite not having a treatment for 3 months I was still able to reasonably maintain my results. I have not exercised at all but overall my body still shows a vast improvement from 11 months ago. I will be purchasing another package and the treatments do work!

Cindy Monje


Finally found a place that actually gives me results. I started seeing results just after 3 sessions in the areas where I wasn't able to lose no matter how many miles I ran. I highly recommend this place for people who are having a hard time or just want to get that body back. Place is extremely clean and in a great location.



Immediate Results, Great Price and a Friendly & Professional Staff! I’ve been a Certified Personal Trainer for more than 20 years and used to tell my clients that spot reduction was impossible. That is no longer the case. The technology utilized at Anew U Body allows you to target those specific, hard to lose areas. This gives you the ability to truly sculpt your body. Give it a Try! You’ll See!


I am loving the results from the sessions. Learning a lot from the owner on nutrition and getting better results.


I shopped around and not so much about the money but about what was going to work for me. The owner is top notch and undeniably knowledgeable and sincerely cares for his clients. Extremely professional and friendly. I am grateful I have a go to for my needs. If you’re searching search no longer; this is the place!!!


I originally bought the 6 session package. After 5 sessions my results were already apparent. I knew the sessions were working as my pants were getting loose. I had no idea how loose until I went out and had to, surprisingly, keep pulling up my newly purchased pants, that were now too big! The facility is very nice and Kennedy is very professional. I am looking forward to my next 24 sessions.



So I initially came in for the the demo and was pleased at the immediate results. I have been struggling with weight gain for the past 8 years and was excited to hear how the invisa.RED technology would be able to address not only my weight issues but assist with cellulite elimination, skin tightening, body contouring and stretch-mark fading (which I need all to be addressed). So far I am 12 sessions in and I have lost 3" from my stomach area and overall have lost 4lbs of fat! my skin looks smoother and I can't wait to start on cellulite elimination and skin tightening. The sessions are easy and fast and I am able to focus on multiple areas per session and therefore, I see visible results after each session and it motivates me to stay on task with my diet so I can achieve my overall weight loss goals. I highly recommend this treatment, especially if you have trouble spots that you just haven't been able to get the desired results from just diet and exercise. I am looking forward to continuing my treatments and can't wait to see the end results!


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