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Whole Body Vibration (WBV) and Body Composition Analysis (BCA)

What is Whole Body Vibration?

Whole body vibration is a concept that was originally developed by the Russians as a way of training their cosmonauts. Now it has been expanded for use by everyone to fulfill many purposes. It is based on a period of intense vibration, applied by the use of a machine, while the patient remains static.

How does it work?

The idea is that, through a series of intense vibrations, the body thinks that it is falling and it provokes a stress reflex. This results in an increase in blood circulation and muscular strength. Metabolism speeds up and so does the production of collagen, to reduce cellulite and improve the smoothness of the skin*. There is also a benefit for people who, under normal circumstances, are unable to exercise due to health constraints such as arthritis, Parkinson’s or MS. They can improve muscle toning and conditioning through the vibrations*.

Lymphatic Drainage

Whole Body Vibration training and therapy stimulates the lymphatic system. ... In short, the vibrations of the Whole Body Vibration exercise platform cause dozing lymph nodes to wake up and do the work they are intended to do, especially in the aging body where lymph health is even more vital to overall health.

What is Body Composition Analysis?

It is important for people to know if they have too much, or even too little fat. The normal, healthy range of body fat is 18-30% for women and 15-25% for men. Too little can result in the body’s inability to store essential vitamins. Also there could be insufficient padding to protect vital organs. Too much fat can cause a myriad of medical situations, including cardio-vascular problems.

In order to measure the amount of fat in the body, there are several methods available. The traditional one, requiring minimal equipment but maximum experience is a skin caliper test. The doctor uses a pair of calipers to take measurements from different parts of your body, including biceps, calf, lower back, etc. These results are then translated, by means of a formula, to know your fat percentage.

Another very common method these days, often used by insurance companies, employers etc. is to measure your BMI, Body Mass Index. This is the relationship between your height and weight, converted by another formula. There are a couple of other methods too; more complex and using more sophisticated equipment. One is based on the concept that fat is less dense in water. This test is considered the most accurate as it compares a person’s weight on land to their weight in water. Of course, this requires complex equipment and cannot normally be done in a doctor’s office.

Finally there is a test based on the relative conductivity of fat and lean body tissue. This one can be done fully clothed, which is more comfortable for some people, but it requires expensive equipment.

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